It’s Already Thursday, So Who Do YOU Think Is Having The Best Week Ever?


So! Who is having the Best Week Ever? Last week it was the boyband-obsessed Sherri Shepard, but this week is another big one–and we’re gonna need your votes to help decide.

Arguing the case for their picks, we had Best Week Ever cast members Michelle Buteau, Michael Che, Nick Turner weigh in.

Is Alec Baldwin(‘s Penis) having the Best Week Ever?

Alec’s SAG hair might have baffled, and 30 Rock is on its way out but Michelle Buteau points out that Alec Baldwin perfectly timed the pregnancy of his youngin’ wife, Hilaria, and that’s why he (and his penis) might just be having the Best Week Ever.


Is Oprah having the Best Week Ever?

Oprah turned 59 years old this week, and as always, she’s on top. When is Oprah not on top? She’s rich, powerful, has her own TV network and still has time to harvest her own chicken eggs. That’s why Michael Che thinks she might just be having the best life ever. Or the best year ever. Or month ever? Okay, the Best Week Ever. Happy birthday O!


Is Whoever Is About To Win The Super Bowl having the Best Week Ever?

Hold up, which teams are playing? We’re equal opportunity here at Best Week Ever and support all sports teams of the USA, so we’re just going to go with WHOEVER WINS. Is that generalist enough for you? Nick Turner just want to be on the winning side so we can eat our chicken wings in peace. Go team!


So, Tell Us:

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