Lindsay Lohan’s New, Obscure Tattoo Revealed, But What Does It Mean?


Lindsay Lohan Makes It To Court, Shows Off New Tattoo

Did you read our piece published yesterday of Lindsay Lohan making a desperate dash from New York to L.A. to make her court date? After trying to wiggle out of it by pretending to be sick, and then being photographed in NYC the very same day, shopping and smoking, of course. Did you also shake your head, much as we did, and sigh, “Oh, Lindz …”  Well, to answer the question posed yesterday: She made it to court in one piece. We say in one piece because anyone wearing those huge, unwieldy Christian Louboutin platforms in the picture you see above, could fall off them. And also because two hotels in Santa Monica rejected her, and mother Dina Lohan, as they arrived late at night. The Beverly Hills Hotel finally took them in, FYI.  As expected, the judge (or Lindsay’s old nemesis, as we like to call her), Stephanie Sautner busted the actress’ chops, even saying, “I’m glad you’re feeling better” as a dig towards Lindz’s lame attempt to not fly to L.A. She’s also said L.L. could still be found in violation of her probation, even if the jury finds her not guilty, and has set a trial date for March 1.

So that’s that, for a quick recap. But now we want to focus on Lindsay’s new addition: the tattoo you see on the right. It’s etched on her right upper arm and features a red triangle and what appears to be written, “What dreams may come.” It’s a terrible ink job, we will admit. And really, that’s what you focus on befor going to trial? A tattoo? Any guesses to what the significance of the red triangle and words mean? Have at it it in the comments section below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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