Super Bowl Ads: From Underwear Models To Tearjerkers, The 5 Best Spots For The Ladiez


Baby animals, male underwear models and babies appeared in the best Super Bowl ads

OK, last night’s Super Bowl featured plenty of the old-school ads: a woman in a bikini advertising the “topless” Fiat, guys doing ridiculous things to get good luck for their team, Bar Refaeli kissing a nerd (god, we still can’t get that sound out of our heads!). But as if to match Beyonce and her all-female band, the commercials seemed to be heavily tilted towards women (and the sensitive men we love), at least compared to most sporting events. (Which, duh, in 2011 and 2012, ladies made up 45 percent of the Super Bowl TV audience, so it’s about damn time!) We already had a hint that this was happening last week, when we got sneak peeks at the Seth Rogen/Paul Rudd-led Samsung ad and the “Space Babies” Kia commercial. Here are more of our favorites:

1. Calvin Klein “Concept”

This one wins the prize for most gratuitous use of a topless model, male or female. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t rewind it at least once.

2. Budweiser “The Brotherhood”

Sure, it stars a tough farmer dude and it’s called “The Brotherhood,” but cute baby animal + Fleetwood Mac = tears! Runner up in the cute animal department:’s “Wolf.”

3. Jeep “Whole Again”

The week after women were officially allowed to take combat roles in the military, this ad gets special kudos for showing women and men coming home from duty. The kids taking baths, dog waiting for a walk and voiceover by Oprah sent us over the edge. Runner up tearjerker: Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer.”

4. Best Buy “Asking Amy”

Rather than looking like your mom who doesn’t understand technology, Amy Poehler asks the kind of tech questions we really want to know: Which washing machine is the “vibratyiest,” and does the word “dongle” make the salesguy uncomfortable?

5. “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion”

This is the ad that got censors all hot and bothered, but we think it’s a big win for the ladies — because it’s yet another example of Kate living out our fantasy: Cute boys washing our fancy car for us and worshiping at our feet! (Side note: We don’t remember actually seeing this one on air; did the censors win or was that our unfortunately timed bathroom break?) Another great example of the typical-advertisement-gender-role-turned-on-its-head technique was the Tide “Miracle Stain” commercial, because, no, that wife did not wash out her husband’s Joe Montana stain because she’s a clueless housewife. She’s just a Ravens fan!

Which was your favorite ad from last night?

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