Is Kristen Stewart’s Latest Movie Project Inspired By Her Love Of Sneakers?


Kristen Stewart accepts role in shoe-related movie

Everyone knows that Kristen Stewart is a huge fan of sneakers. And if you don’t believe us, head to the gallery below for proof! But could her favorite footwear have played a part on accepting her next big screen role? Stranger things have happened.

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Deadline is reporting that K-Stew has signed on to act in writer/director Steven Shainberg’s new film, The Big Shoe. The dark comedy centers around fashion and (seemingly) foot fetishism, with Jim Sturgess starring as a brilliant shoe designer. Kristen will appear as Delphi, his lovely muse (natch), and Elizabeth Banks will his psychotherapist.
Like Shainberg’s last film Secretary, the new flick is touted as having equal parts “eroticism and humor.” It definitely sounds interesting. Will Kristen bring her fierce love of Converse to the role? We bet it’ll come in handy! We can’t wait to see more exciting acting risks that she’ll take in her post-Twilight days.
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