Rihanna’s Diamond Ring On Her Wedding Finger Sparks Chris Brown Engagement Rumors


Rihanna's ring sparks engagement rumors

Wait a minute. Wait just a damn minute. While re-watching Rihanna’s showstopping performance of “Stay” at the 2013 Grammys for the 424,123th time, we found our eyes drawn to the ring on her hand that, yes, shone bright like a diamond. Earlier on the red carpet Riri had rocked tons of finger bling, but how she wore just this simple diamond band on her left ring finger, more commonly known as the “wedding finger”.  Errr, is there something we don’t know? Did she and boyfriend Chris Brown make the engagement jump?

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This would definitely be an interesting way to bring things full-circle, considering that it was exactly four years before at a 2009 Grammy pre-party that Brown assaulted his girlfriend. Now, after several years apart, the reunited couple appeared very cozy, snuggling up to one another in the plush Staples Center auditorium seats. During her passionate solo spot on stage a little while later, the ring sighting set off a Twitter firestorm of biblical proportions.

“Is that a wedding ring on Rihanna?” said one tweet. “Rihanna engaged?!?! Or that’s some type of promise ring?” said another. While it could very well be just a prop for her performance, it definitely has our imaginations cranking at full speed. File this under “Rumors that confuse us terribly.”

In addition to the usual controversy that follows him wherever he goes, Brown’s Grammy weekend was far from breezy. Prior to the show he slammed his Porsche into a wall while trying to outrun the paps. Then on Grammy night, he got a stern talking to by none other than Adele when he refused to stand and applaud his parking-spot/musical rival Frank Ocean on his Grammy win. Ouch, man.

And it looks like things are about to get even more rough for the dude today. The police chief who signed off on his community service hours -and was instrumental in vouching for Chris during his prohibition period- has resigned amid scandal. TMZ is reporting that Bryan Norwood of Richmond, Virginia has agreed to step down “by mutual agreement,” with the mayor, like due to the fact that Brown’s community service time has been cast in serious doubt. The hearing is still underway to decide whether or not the singer violated the terms of his prohibition. If guilty, he could face jail time.

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