Real Life Wicked Witches: 9 Actresses Who Are Notorious On-Set Divas


3. Shannen Doherty


Before she became the spokesperson for some weird online college, Shannen Doherty was once regarded as an acting talent. However, her torrid temper and inability to act civilly to her co-workers got her fired from roles on both Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Regarding the latter, Doherty reportedly refused to speak to co-star Alyssa Milano, except when the cameras were rolling.


2. Lea Michele


Lea Michele plays the snobby, overachieving Rachel Berry on Glee, a role that seems to have carried over to her real life as well. Waiters in New York City and Los Angeles shudder when she enters their restaurants, but that’s nothing compared to what happened when Kate Hudson guest-starred on the show. Hudson let it slip (via a “source”) that Michele was a “nightmare” to work with, and shared this charming anecdote about the Streisandian actress: “Once, during a technical delay, Lea snapped her fingers and said, ‘Let’s go. I have plans!'” Oh snap, what a witch!

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