5 Reasons People Love…Paul Rudd!



1) He looks like a Disney Prince

Specifically, Paul Rudd looks like Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Why is this important?

First of all, it means Paul Rudd is so attractive he could pass for an unrealistically handsome, artistically rendered representation of perfect male beauty. Just like the Disney Princesses hold women up to an impossible ideal of charm, kindness, courage and beauty, the Disney Princes are basically perfect dudes.

More than that, it’s important that he resembles a Disney Prince because Disney Princes are handsome, without being sexually threatening, and they remind adults of the fun they had as a child. Basically, looking at him makes you feel happy and safe like you did when you still believed in the possibility of “Happily Ever After”.  I mean, I was stressed out the whazoo about 20 minutes ago, but then I spent a few minutes staring at still photographs of Paul Rudd, and my stress level is non-existant.

Looking at Paul Rudd’s face is like taking a long bubble bath with a glass of wine and your favorite chill out music on. Essentially, Paul Rudd has a really, really, really nice face.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images; Disney]

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