5 Reasons People Love…Paul Rudd!



4) He seems like a genuinely nice, low-key dude off-screen.

Okay, so that nice, normal, not stuck up looking woman in the photo with Paul Rudd? That’s his wife. They’ve been together for 14 years and have one kid. There’s been nary a cheating scandal–or Hollywood hookup–attached to Rudd in the tabloids. There’s nothing. I mean, I can’t even remember his wife’s name and I just looked it up. That doesn’t mean she’s not memorable or exciting. It means she is cool not being in the spotlight. Why does that reflect well on Paul Rudd?

Well, if Paul Rudd is into a low-key kind of woman, that suggests he’s a low-key guy. He doesn’t need drama outside of his job. Also, he seems like he has fun with his friends, but not too much fun (if you get what I’m saying) because there’s no dirt on him.

Basically, Paul Rudd seems like a happy, but not at all tortured or messed up dude in real life. Who knows if that’s the case or not, but what’s important is that he projects that lack of drama or self-obsession. We feel┬álike he’d hang out at the local bar with us if we knew him in real life–and his wife seems that way, too! He’s very relatable and that’s likable.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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