Celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s 50th Birthday With His 10 Most WTF Movie Death Scenes Of All Time


Quentin Tarantino turns 50

Quentin Tarantino is the Anti-Disney. His hugely influential and popular films have featured some of the most intensely violent and twisted scenes in cinema history. Sure they were brutally hard to watch, sometimes offensive and VERY NSFW, but they go SO far over the line that you just have to sit back and watch with wonder, all the time thinking “Whoa, this guy ain’t like you and me!”

Like live action cartoons, QT’s epics blur the line between reality and his own romanticized fantasy, taking us to a place totally of his own creation. With kickass soundtracks too, no less! From his mainstream directorial debut with Reservoir Dogs back in 1992, all the way up to his current Oscar glory with Django Unchained, this Inglourious Basterd has always been controversial, but always made us come back for more. In honor of his 50th birthday today, we’ve rounded up our list of his 10 most what the f–k-worthy death scenes from his incredible cannon. Beware of blood, explosions and SPOILERS, but enjoy!

10. Shot In The Line Of Doody: Butch Coolidge Takes Down Vincent Vega In Pulp Fiction

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Vincent didn’t take his gun into the toilet, he didn’t even get to take a bit of his Pop Tarts! We had no idea who was going to come out of that bathroom the first time we saw this classic, and it totally blew our minds.

9. Getting A Head: O-Ren Ishii Getting Board-Room Slashy In Kill Bill Vol. 1

Revenge is a dish best served cold. But always make sure to prepare it with a machete before hand.

8. Joy Ride: Death Proof’s Instant-Replay Car Crash

Quentin’s foot fetish is at the fore of this¬†gruesome¬†moment from his self described “worst film.” Great song choice. Great legs. Bad driving.

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