Celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s 50th Birthday With His 10 Most WTF Movie Death Scenes Of All Time


4. Snake Eyes: Budd Vs. The Black Mamba In Kill Bill Vol. 2

Come on, Quentin. Even tough guys like Indiana Jones are freaked out by snakes! Perhaps even more unsettling is the way that Daryl Hannah’s Elle Driver maintains her cool as she rattles off snake-factoids like a kid at show-and-tell.

3. Self Destruction: Q Blows Himself Sky-High in Django Unchained

Of COURSE Quentin saves one of the most unexpected and explosive screen deaths for himself!

2. Orange You Glad You Packed Heat? Mr. Orange Stops Mr. Blonde In Reservoir Dogs

The surprise of a presumed-dead man rising up and killing the bad guy is an old trope, but it definitely caught us off guard here.  After Mr. Blonde cut that guy’s ear off, we knew that all bets were off.

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