This Week On SMASH: Jimmy Poops His Diaper!


SMASHCap by Abby Holland

Hello Smashies! Is Bombshell back on track? Does Karen have a soul? Did Sean Hayes touch boobies this week? Well, I’m here to answer, “Maybe” to all of the above. This week there seemed to be a lot of arguing, a lot of making-up and a lot of MAKING OUT! Here are the ten essentials on Smash you’ll want to choke down before dinner.

Let’s go!!

10. Karen and Jimmy rehearse for Hitlist while Ivy re-joins Bombshell as Marilyn.
SmashCap Ivy

9. There was a very blatant product mention from Tom at rehearsal for a famous New York City bakery; Balthazar. Why don’t you just get on your KNEES Smash?!
Balthazar On Smash

8. Mimi from RENT (Daphne Rubin-Vega) GUEST Stars as a power chick that’s always on her phone. Too bad we only saw her 2 out of 525,600 minutes this episode.
8. Rent
8. mimi1
8. mimi2

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