Hail Schweddy Balls! Celebrate Alec Baldwin’s Birthday With The 15 Greatest Lines Of His Career


13. On Splurging: As Frederick J. Frenger Jr. In Miami Blues (1990)

Baldwin lives out all of our lottery fantasies as he counts his “million Brazillian dollars” in a motel bed. His Scarface-esque impression is pretty hilarious as he imagines buying expensive toys. “Wrap it up, man.”

12. On Ego and Humility: As Jed Hill In Malice (1993)

“I am god.” Yup, Baldwin pretty much lays it out there in this incredible speech from Aaron Sorkin.

11. On Beauty: As Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow In Mercury Rising (1997)

[Photo: Imagine Entertainment]

[Photo: Imagine Entertainment]

Guest at Party: “Nick, I can’t believe you look so good for someone so old. How do you do that?”
Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow: “Drugs my dear. Massive doses of drugs.”

In Baldwin’s case, we have to wonder…

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