Hail Schweddy Balls! Celebrate Alec Baldwin’s Birthday With The 15 Greatest Lines Of His Career


4. On Balls: As Schweddy On Saturday Night Live (1998)

You knew this one had to be in here. Just try to watch it without cracking a smile. Low brow? Yes. Hilarious. Definitely! No one can resist it…

3. On Children: Everything In Thomas And The Magic Rail Road (2000)

Baldwin following in the footsteps of other unlikely (maybe even innappropriate) children’s entertainment stars as Ringo Starr and George Carlin to play the magical Mr. Conductor. Still, it makes our head spin.

2. On Passion: As Dennis DupreeĀ In Rock Of Ages (2012)

Not exactly a “line,” but who knew Baldwin had such a great voice!

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