Will Ferrell’s Top 10 Sexiest Shirtless Moments On Film And TV


Will Ferrell's Sexiest Moments

The actor is being honored by the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 9PM/8C with the Comedic Genius Award. While Will Ferrell is obviously deserving of an award that honors his comedic chops, we think that it’s just as appropriate to give some shine to his sexiest moments on film. We’ve pulled together the best moments that would challenge any nominee of the award for Best Shirtless Performance. Move over, Channing! 

1. Saturday Night Live: Sculpture Class (1998)

In this hilarious skit about a sculpture class, Will plays a homeless nude model much to the students dismay. As he hulks in front of the class (and bares his rear a couple of times) he suddenly feels an urge… “Uh oh, mighty Kong has woken from his slumber!” Sexy!

Will Ferrell's Sexiest Moments

2. A Night At The Roxbury (1998)

In the SNL skit-turned-movie, Ferrell plays one-half of the “Roxbury guys” who enjoy frequenting LA nightclubs. Obviously these swingers need to buff and tan to snatch up all the attention at the clubs.

Will Ferrell's Sexiest Moments

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