Sibling Face Off: Rooney Versus Kate Mara


3. Movie with Channing Tatum

Rooney Versus Kate Mara

Another inevitability in a young actress’ career is co-starring with tireless Channing Tatum. Rooney landed screen time opposite of Tatum in Steven Soderbergh’s psychological thriller, Side Effects. Kate appeared in 10 Years, an ensemble comedy about a high school reunion.

There’s no question that Rooney pulls ahead here. 10 Years was originally shelved but released due to Tatum’s unending charm and success at the box office. Sorry Kate.

4. Jimmy Fallon appearance

Rooney Versus Kate Mara

So after all the movies comes the subsequent late night show appearances. Both hung out with Jimmy during PR blitzes. Rooney shared some rare happy emotions when talking about sitting on Santa’s lap. Meanwhile, Kate was bubbly and cute as she promoted House of Cards and admitted she loved binge-watching TV.

Rooney takes the lead here, showcasing a softer side.

5. Fashion at the “House Of Cards” premiere

Rooney Versus Kate Mara

Each sister’s red carpet looks could be debated for weeks. When limited to the Houses of Cards premiere it’s easier to compare their actual looks. Ever since she shot Dragon Tattoo, Rooney has preferred to stick with darker elements of style often looking as cold as her on screen persona. Kate chose to go with a more elegant look here that works for her shape and personality. Generally, Kate is a bit more fun while Rooney tends to be a bit more sophisticated.

Based on this red carpet alone, Kate takes the win. Her look is far more appealing.

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