Sibling Face Off: Rooney Versus Kate Mara


6. Musical moment

Rooney Versus Kate Mara

When they’re not acting, they out having a little fun. Both have a dabbled a little in music. Rooney made a surprised appearance on guitar at The Black Lips’ 2012 SXSW gig. Kate, on the other hand, has sang at two NFL games, which she (thanks to her family’s connections) is a huge fan.

Both are cool in their right but shredding guitar is just way cooler. Bonus points for swigging Jack Daniels on stage.

7. Boyfriend

Rooney Versus Kate Mara

Okay, as far as boyfriend material goes, it’s a toss up here. On one hand, there is Rooney’s scruffy boytoy Charlie McDowell, author of the new book, Dear Girls Above Me. On the other is Max Minghella, who is Kate’s clean cut boyfriend and Rooney’s co-star in The Social Network.

Going with a draw. Both men have appeals for looks and smarts but it’s really personal preference even if beards should always win.


Rooney Mara

So that’s 2 for Kate and 3 for Rooney with 1 draw for boyfriends. It was a close face-off but Rooney gets it here and not just because it was her birthday. My money was on Kate.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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