A Complete Index Of Celebrity Sex Tapes


Jeffers, Eve

Celebrity Sex Tapes

2001: The question of the leaked video of the rapper and former boyfriend Stevie J is who was behind it. Stevie was longed believe to have leaked it out of spite but the theory is one of the rapper’s friends put it out there.

Kardashian, Kim

Celebrity Sex Tapes

2007: Kardashian has the sex tape with Ray J to thank for putting her on the map. It’s among the more infamous tapes to turn a socialite into a media darling / reality star. She sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape but ended up settling for a cool $5 million.

Kelly, Minka

Celebrity Sex Tapes

2012: The ex-boyfriend of the former Friday Nights Lights star tried to sell a tape of the two made in New Mexico.

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