Reese Witherspoon Joins Our List Of The 50 Worst Celebrity Mug Shots Of All Time


Reese Witherspoon arrested

Getting arrested probably isn’t anyone’s finest hour, so it’s not so surprising that most people look like complete crap in their booking photo. But why do famous people seem to look especially bad!? Maybe it’s the fact that we’re used to seeing them so glam that makes their awful mugshots particularly jarring. Or maybe it’s because a lot of times they’re hopped up on crazy expensive illicit drugs unavailable to us normals.

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Whatever the case, Reese Witherspoon’s mugshot photo definitely was a step below even her worst paparazzi shot. That’s probably why she didn’t lift her eyes to meet the camera lens. Or maybe it was because she was crunk in the hizzouse. The jury’s still out.

It’s a pretty rough one, but we’ve seen many worse. So don’t feel bad, Reese! Wear it as a badge of honor. Celebrate the fact that you’ve earned entry into our exclusive “50 Worst Celebrity Mugshots” gallery! It’s an exclusive club. Check out more busted looks from busted celebs in the gallery above!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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