Mad Men‘s Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘N’ Roll Index: “To Have And To Hold”



There were more drugs and hootch in this episode than in a rehab garbage can (read: a lot!). The boozing started during the covert meeting with Timmy the Heinz Ketchup King held at Pete’s Manhattan f–k pad. Pete pours himself a gin, while Timmy and Don both go for classic bourbons and cigs. Pete’s place has all the charm of a modern day crack den, and we shudder to think of all the roofie-ing that probably went down in that place.

Joan and her old friend Kate split of a bottle of rose at dinner with Joan’s mom as they all reconnect. Kate muses how glamorous and powerful Joan’s life seems, and even her shrew of a mother gives her a “job well done.” Later the two women leave mom at home for a night on the town. After picking up a water, they all take pulls on a fifth of Jim Beam in the back of a cab. Joan doubles up after the waiter clearly prefers her friend. Sad trombone.

They wind up at the Electric Circus, drink beer, kiss, and generally have a grand old time.

As always, SCDP is never lacking in substances. A fringe-jacket clad Stan Rizzo works on the super secret “Project K” (for “ketchup”…real subtle for a “creative agency”) in a room with tin-foiled walls and windows. We’re not sure if it’s to keep out the gawkers, or keep in the pot smoke from the doobie he just sparked up. Don comes in to see how things are shaping up, and he takes a hit himself.


Later, Megan tries to butter Don up with bourbon and Coq Au Vin before she drops the Love Scene bomb, but he could drink all the booze in the world (or at least his office) and it still wouldn’t be enough to make him OK with it.  The wine flows at the peace-making dinner with Mel and Arlene, but it’s not enough to make Don and Megan want to go back to their apartment, “smoke some grass and see what happens.”



After losing the Heinz Ketchup account to a big league firm, Don, Pete and Stan go to a corner bar to drown their sorrows in beer and bourbon. They are surprised to be joined by Ted Chaough and Peggy Olson, who also lost out. The two interlopers order rye rocks and an old Spanish (sweet 30 Rock reference) and generally reflect on the loss, mortality, their flagging personal lives, and other depressing things.


…Such as Pete’s sideburns.

Episode 3: Final Drug Rundown 

DRUG: Booze
OFFENDERS: Don (3 Bourbons), Joan (1 Rose, 1 Bourbon, 1 Beer), Kate (1 Rose, 1 Bourbon, 1 Beer), Megan (2 Wines), Pete (1 Gin, 1 Bourbon), Peggy (1 Old Spanish), Stan (1 Beer), Ted (1 Rye), Timmy (1 Bourbon), Mel (1 Wine), Arlene (1 Wine), Joan’s Mom (1 Wine)

DRUG: Marijuana
OFFENDERS: Stan (1 Joint), Don (1 Joint), Mel and Arlene (Intent to distribute)

DRUG: Cigarettes
OFFENDERS: Don (2), Megan (2), Ken (1), Roger (1)

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