Mad Men‘s Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘N’ Roll Index: “To Have And To Hold”



Even the music picked up in this episode, with two deep-cut youthful tunes of the times that was a world away from the Singing Nun-like tracks from the earlier seasons. As Don and Stan blaze up in the Project K headquarters, the song “Friends I Haven’t Met Yet” plays. That one comes to us courtesy of Blue Sandalwood Soap, a little-known organ-heavy psych band from St. Paul. Outtasight!

The second song of the night comes when Joan and Co. hit up the Electric Circus, which is playing French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg’s duet with French film bombshell Brigette Bardot, “Bonnie and Clyde”.

Inspired by the 1967 film with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, it’s perfect for when you’re tripping balls and want to hook up with strangers!

[Photo: AMC] [Gifs: Chet Manley]

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