This Week On Mad Men: Don And Peggy Collide!



This week I was hoping to get my Betty Drapes fix but, sadly, I did not. Instead, I got force-fed Heinz Ketchup and Don’s cheating AGAIN. Trust me, I love putting ketchup on a lot of things, but too much can just ruin a meal. We only get one scene with Peggy, but you definitely get a big whiff of her newly found attitude and balls. So without further ado, here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll trade a pack of cigs for!

10. We see a back-door deal going down with the Heinz Ketchup evil guy and Don’s crew.


9. Elevator make-out!


8. Joan goes out on the town with her girlfriend and they end up getting drinks at some funky club in the East Village where she gets down and dirty with some guy!


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