Hilary Farr On Mean Homeowners, Hoarders, And Famous Homes She’d Love Or List



Let’s be honest, most of these homes are a complete mess. How many of the owners do you think are hoarders?

I honestly wish that I were some sort of psychologist or whatever it is you need to be to study people like some of these homeowners to understand it. It’s beyond me. It’s absolutely beyond me sometimes to be knee-deep in dog fur or cat fur that is built up around furniture or boxes or whatever it is that’s in the way that nobody has bothered to notice.

So yes it’s a constant surprise to me how people are willing to live. How they just refuse to see it, don’t notice it. I don’t know that’s just an issue of hoarding it’s just choosing to turn a blind eye, not deal with it. Then it becomes to big of a problem to deal with it and they even want to acknowledge it until we walk in and they are forced to face this mess they are living in.

Has there ever been a home that you were completely disgusted by and thought you couldn’t possibly renovate it?

Oh yes, there have been several. Several. We had a family – there really were hoarders. They were a couple where the husband had inherited the home with an awful lot of stuff that he wouldn’t let go. His wife shopped and there was just too much of everything. It was filthy and dusty. Desta and I started bagging the stuff up and getting it out of there. That was the most awful.

It was insane. He was insane. And it was disgusting. I haven’t gone back. I have a feeling within a year of cleaning it out and making it look like a relatively normal person’s home. Who knows. It may have gone right back. But anyway, yes is the answer. Some of them are just horrible.

Does the show intend on going back to the homes that “loved it.” Have you ever wanted to go back and see it a year later?

You know what, I learned in my life, never to go back. Do not. Do not go back. It’s almost certainly going to be disappointing. It just is because it can never look the way I left it, to be fair, because we dressed and it is at its most perfect. It generally, probably will have gone back to something I would rather not see. So no, I would prefer not to go back.

To answer your other question, an actual fact, I believe that HGTV will be airing some of the homes to which we have gone back. I haven’t. The film crew has gone in and they interviewed the homeowners to figure out what worked best.

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