Hilary Farr On Mean Homeowners, Hoarders, And Famous Homes She’d Love Or List


Do you follow much of the Twitter chatter about the show?

You know what, I do all my own tweets. I don’t have anyone to do them. There are days where I have to drop off because there is too much going on. But I’m really interested. And I’ll tell you what I love to hear, there’s an awful lot of tweets and I also get a number of emails on the subject on the show, what I love is several things about Twitter land. The connecting of people who live in all different parts in the U.S., people who live in Canada communicating with people all over the U.S., people in Spain – we have a huge fan base in Spain. We have our little global village happening where they are all chatting about the show. That’s pretty extraordinary to me. I have tweets from people are telling me their entire families are sitting down and watch the show, mothers and daughters bonding together watching the show, husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. It’s pretty cool. And that’s all on Twitter land. And yes, I pay close attention to that because it warms my heart.

Can we talk about the sexual tension between you and David? It’s seriously the best part.

You know what, whatever is there is there. It’s not thought through. It’s not calculated. I’m glad that people enjoy it.

Have you watched Love It Or List It Too?

I’ve watched a couple episodes. I’ll tell you, I don’t even watch our show very often because I’m not in front a television that often.

Did you give any advice to Jillian Harris?

No, not at all. We’ve met face-to-face the first time at The Winter Warmup. That was the first time, and only time, that we’ve physically met. I don’t have advice for Jillian. She’s she her own person.

So you didn’t warn her about the mean homeowners?

I think that she’s got a very different attitude to that. I think she brushes them off very well, actually.

Do you have a favorite Property Brother (Drew or Jonathan)?

You don’t think I’m going to honestly answer that. I’m not choosing between them.

Let’s play a quick game of Love It Or List It! I’ll list a few homes and you tell me if you “love it” or if you’d “list it.”

The White House.

Love! Thank you, thank you, Jackie Onassis.

The Bates Motel.

List it.

The Playboy Mansion.

You know what, I kind of like it. That could go either way. I’m in on that.

Downton Abbey.

Adore it.

[Photo Credit: HGTV]

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