5 Things Last Night’s SNL Taught Us About Kanye


3) No one at SNL likes Kanye

This is speculation, but we don’t think Yeezy has too many friends at 30 Rock. Perhaps they’re still mad at him for chanting “F*ck SNL and the whole cast” on “Power.” But that doesn’t explain why guest host Ben Affleck looked loathe to introduce him. Then, during the goodbyes, no one hugged Kanye. They all hugged each other, while Kanye stood alone looking like he wanted to phone a friend.

4) But they will be calling him for those red Yeezy IIs

Everyone who’s anyone will want those kix. Kanye showed up at Rockefeller Center and his feet were on fire. 100% of sneakerheads will be complaining about those red Yeezy IIs whenever they finally drop. Complaining, as in bitching about how they can’t get them. Why does Roger Federer have ‘em and I don’t? The vanity sneaker industry is so cruel to the common man. Kanye shrug.

Air Yeezy II (Red)

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