5 Things Last Night’s SNL Taught Us About Kanye


5) Kanye’s new album will not be good for dancing

Um…so…this might just be me, but dour beats aside, I can’t see a lot of people getting down on the dance floor to “New Slaves.” The song is brilliant and full of poignant depth, but it’s not going to be played in clubs unless those clubs are for people who live for angst.

So, we have a cool, thought-provoking new album from Kanye on the way, and there will be no club bangers. Besides his cool kix, nothing about Kanye’s appearance on SNL suggested he’s up for partying. Do not invite Kanye to your party.

On second thought, do invite Kanye to all your upcoming parties. The dude needs a hug.


[Photo Credit: NBC Universal]

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