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On Friday, Fast & Furious 6 hits theaters marking the sixth edition of the series that has spanned twelve years. Once again, the entire cast is back, including Jordana Brewster who portrays Mia Toretto – Dom’s (Vin Diesel) loyal sister and Brian’s (Paul Walker) husband. VH1 Celebrity put Brewster in the driver’s seat and quizzed on her own driving experience and who she’d beat in a real race.

Jordana Brewster Fast & Furious

VH1 Celebrity: How many times did you take your driving test before you passed?

Jordana: Once, which was really good. There was a ticking clock. If I didn’t get my license I wasn’t going to be able to get insured for the movie. Within a week of taking my driving test, we were flown to Las Vegas for this special driving class. So I had to pass or I wouldn’t have been in the movie.

So you didn’t have a driver’s license growing up?

No I didn’t. I grew up in New York so I basically always took the subway everywhere or taxis or the bus.

Can you drive stick like Mia does in the film series?

No. I tried. I told (director) Justin Lin I was going to learn how to do it. And then I learned in a parking garage in Westwood. It was so boring and so complicated at the same time. You know I went up and down this parking garage. Then the instructor was like, ‘okay, so you’re ready to hit the streets now.’ And I was like, ‘no, I think I’ll pass.’ Luckily all we have to do is fake it. And Paul is kind of an expert on what to do and I just ask him, ‘does this look believable?’ And that’s how I do it.

What’s your favorite car from the film series?

I really liked the 95 Volkswagen Jetta GLX that Jesse drove in the first one but I also like the 70 Dodge Charger R/T.

What’s your go-to way of getting out of a ticket?

You know, I tried once with a cop. I was really close to my house when I got pulled over and I really had to pee. I told him that and he didn’t care. He gave me a ticket anyway but he stopped traffic so I could get to my house faster. But the cops are real tough in LA. There’s no room in getting out of a ticket there.

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