The Ultimate Fast & Furious Character Guide



You may be ready to check out Fast & Furious 6 in theaters, but are you prepared to correctly identify who every character is, how everyone knows each other and who’s dated (or murdered) whom? Well, buckle up. VH1 Celebrity created a character map of all the major characters from all seven films. (Yes, we included the still unfilmed Fast Seven…because we love you.) Warning: Fast & Furious 6 Spoilers. [Click for Hi-Res]

Fast and Furious Character Guide

If you still don’t remember who everyone is then check out an extended guide below.


Brian O’Conner played by Paul Walker
The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6
What’s His Deal?: Well, he’s one of the lead characters and has appeared in every film except the third. He started off as an undercover cop assigned to bust a tractor trailer hijacking/street racing/crime ring thing, but let the group’s leader, Dominic Toretto go because they became bromantically involved. Then, he and his friend Roman decide to go undercover to catch this drug lord named Carter Verone. Then, in the fourth film, Brian is an FBI agent and he’s supposed to track down this guy named Braga–whom Dom also wants to get. They become a team again. Also, Brian is in love with Dom’s sister, Mia. They are about to welcome a baby in Fast & Furious 6. He likes cars.


Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel
The Fast and the Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6
What’s His Deal?: He’s an anti-hero, insomuch as he’s a good dude who believes in loyalty, but he breaks the law a lot. Like, he was stealing things in the first film, and in the fourth film, and in the fifth film and he’s always illegally street racing. The love of his life is Letty and he has a pretty sister that Brian likes named Mia. He’s a really good driver and mechanic (and thief). He likes stealing things and cars.


Letty Ortiz played by Michelle Rodriguez
The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious,Fast & Furious 6
What’s Her Deal?: Letty is a badass chick and the love of Dom’s life. She’s also a really good driver and helps out on his schemes. In the fourth film, she is killed while working undercover for Brian. In the sixth film she is apparently back from the dead. She likes cars.


Mia Toretto played by Jordana Brewster
The Fast and the Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious 6
What’s Her Deal?: Mia is Dom’s pretty, sort of ineffectual sister, and is the love of Brian’s life. Brian falls for her in the first film, but they break up because of the whole “undercover cop” thing, and then they eventually get back together and are expecting a child before the sixth film starts. She’s okay on cars.


Johnny Tran played by Rick Yune
The Fast and the Furious
What’s His Deal?: Johnny Tran is the first real bad guy of the series. He blows up Brian’s car and hates Dom for sleeping with his sister. He’s part of some organized crime syndicate and kills Dom and Brian’s friend, Jesse. Brian kills Johnny. He likes cars and crime.

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