The Ultimate Fast & Furious Character Guide



Luke Hobbs played by The Rock
Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6
What’s His Deal?: Well, first of all, he’s The Rock. Second of all, he’s a federal agent and bounty hunter who thinks Dom and the crew murdered DEA agents. So, he tries to track them down and bring them to justice and discovers they aren’t the bad guys. Then, he helps them steal a lot of money from the real murderer, Hernan Reyes, but since he can’t let them walk free, he gives them a day head start. Then Eva Mendes’s Monica Fuentes tells him Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz is still alive and he pulls Dom’s team together to stop Owen Shaw’s team in exchange for clemency. He likes punching things.


Elena Neves played by Elsa Pataky
Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6
What’s Her Deal?: She’s a Rio patrol officer who is helping The Rock–I mean, Luke Hobbs–track down Dom and Brian for the deaths of three DEA agents. Then, she joins forces with Dom’s crew. Then she rubs groins with Dom for a bit. Her husband is dead. She likes being perfect.


Hernan Reyes played by Joaquim de Almeida
Fast Five
What’s His Deal?: A Brazilian drug lord with a lot of money who is responsible for some DEA agents’ deaths. Dom and his crew steal his fortune and Hobbs kills him. He likes money and being bad.

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