The Complete Guide to Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes Complete Timeline

Amanda Bynes has dealt with more than her fair share of drama in the past year. From DUIs and vehicular mayhem, to puzzling tweets and dramatic style makeovers, our favorite (retired) Nickelodeon starlet has been in the limelight maybe a little more than she’d like these days! Her recent behavior has confused some of her fans, leading many to grow concerned for her well-being. As long-time Nick viewers, we never saw this coming! From All That to all this, here’s a look back at the highs (and lows) of Amanda’s long career in reverse chronological order.

August 9th 2013: Doctors Granted Emergency Conservatorship For “Gravely Disabled” Bynes

[Photo: Splash News]

[Photo: Splash News]

Amanda’s psychiatric hold has been extended from two weeks to an extra thirty days by her doctors, who have deemed her too ill to leave the hospital and attend the court hear that would determine whether or not her parents would be granted conservatorship. According to California state law, such an emergency extension is granted “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.” However, her parents still intend to pursue their conservatorship case.

August 1st 2013: Given A Drug Cocktail To Treat Schizophrenia


[Photo: Splash Images]

The bad news is that doctor’s at her LA-area hospital have diagnosed Bynes as a possible schizophrenic. The good news is that she’s apparently responding very well to a new drug cocktail designed to treat the illness. According to TMZ, in only three days she has shown remarkable improvement in her behavior. She’s reportedly stopped talking to herself and insulting people, and is even acting polite. Although this is obviously positive, the doctor’s fear whether or not she will actually continue to take the medication once she’s released from the 5150 psychiatric hold. In the meantime, her parents are planning to submit a request to gain conservatorship over their daughter, citing that their daughter needs long-term help and care.