This Week On Mad Men: Joan’s Boobs Wait For The Elevator!



This week on Mad Men there was a lot of tongue action, hallucination and some disagreement on what the firm should be called. Some of the boys had a TRIP in LA, while Pete back in New York had a TRIP of his own. Don had a near death experience and Joan snags a new client! I wonder what Betty and Sally were doing this episode? Probably reading Rosemary’s Baby or yelling at Bobby. I love it! Get your polyester shirts on because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll start a race riot for!

Here we go!

10. Megan sits on Don’s lap like a little girl, and then they sloppily kiss like teenagers.


9. Don, Roger and Harry go to a big shindig in California and run into Roger’s ex-wife’s brother.


8. Pete smokes a “funny cigarette.”


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