Paris Jackson ‘Physically Fine’ After Possible Suicide Scare


Paris Jackson grows up
We’re shocked and worried to learn that 15-year-old Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital this morning after a possible suicide attempt, according to TMZ. Thankfully, as of this afternoon, she’s “physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention,” Katherine Jackson’s lawyer told the site. But how is she doing mentally?

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TMZ is trying to sort through the details: A source says the 911 call mentioned an overdose, while another source says her wrists were cut. Other random clues to what went on include a reported fight over her attending a Marilyn Manson concert, some photos showing scars on her wrist, and her tweet about tears tasting salty yesterday. All this is coming less than two weeks after a seemingly happy visit to mother Debbie Rowe’s horse ranch.

We’ve been glued to Michael Jackson’s daughter’s Twitter for the past year — surprisingly not to find out the sordid details of her latest family drama (see last year’s convoluted custody battle), but because she’s a witty, interesting girl in her own right. She quotes ’80s song lyrics, complains about homework, posts Vine videos of her and her friends rocking out. If we were just to go by Twitter, we’d think she was basically us if we had been teenagers in the age of social media.

Of course, there’s also a much darker story going on here. And as outsiders, we can’t really know what’s going on in the mind of a girl whose dad tried so hard to protect her from the harsh spotlight but ironically thrust her into it when he died four years ago. Every time we see interviews of this beautiful girl, we want to hug her. So now we’re sending healing thoughts her way. It gets better, Paris!

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