Game Of Celebs: Which Real Life Stars Could Conquer Westeros?



Real Life Celeb: Simon Cowell

Westeros Counterpart: Littlefinger

Wherefore the Connection: Oh boy… So Littlefinger is Westeros’s super sneaky smooth operator. He prefers to control people like puppets and can win your trust as easily as he can tear you down with fear. He owns a brothel where young women from all over Westeros attempt to better their lives by performing up to uh…his…uh…standards. And somehow he’s wheeled and dealed his way to a point out of nothing where he’s one of the most powerful players in the Seven Kingdoms.

Simon Cowell came out of nowhere (okay, he came out of England) to become one of the most influential and powerful people in the music and television industry when he became host of American Idol.¬†After judging young American talents until they cried, he somehow became responsible for the successes of international pop stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. He sneakily kept a foothold in British reality TV and is also responsible for One Direction. Oh, and for a behind-the-scenes industry guy, he’s kind of pretty well known.

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