Game Of Celebs: Which Real Life Stars Could Conquer Westeros?




Real Life Celeb: Justin Bieber

Westeros Counterpart: King Joffrey

Wherefore the Connection: Where isn’t there one? Okay, so Bieber isn’t a sadist (that we know of…)

Justin Bieber is the boy king of pop music. Everyone was happy and excited when he came to power because who wasn’t charmed by his sweet, falsetto voice. Now it seems, as in the case of Joffrey, that he might be a teeny bit entitled and selfish. Bieber hasn’t yet become as bad as Joffrey, but his antics, like leaving his monkey in a foreign country or speeding through his neighborhood and endangering lives, seem to suggest that no one’s reining him in. It used to be that manager Scooter Braun had to let Bieber know that if he kicked a member of The Wanted in the balls that person could kick him back in the balls, but is Scooter–like the Lannisters–letting Biebs get out of control?

Only time will tell…

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[Photo Credit: HBO & Getty Images]

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