15 Years Later, Ethan Embry Still Not Sure What Can’t Hardly Wait Is About


Ethan Embry Can't Hardly Wait

Let’s talk about the letter. Did you ever think about what it might have said?

It was a prop! It was an envelope. I think I remember the directors asking me if I knew what was in there. It was a prop. It doesn’t matter.

You didn’t even think about it?

Like I know what’s in there? It’s called acting.

Were you nervous at all about kissing Jennifer Love Hewitt?

She’s a beautiful girl. I had a girlfriend that I had been together with for three years. It’s a strange situation to have to be in. I was 20, so maybe it was less strange than the kissing scenes I had to do when I was younger.

What do you think Preston and Amanda are up to today?

Well, we both are making ends meet with really weird jobs. She’s jerking off dudes in Vancouver, and he’s making horror movies in upstate New York.

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