Pretty Little Liars: “A Is For A-L-I-V-E” As Seen By Someone Who’s Never Seen The Show



Cut to Quantum Leap going through the burned down house with Arson Eyebrows. They’re looking for something. I bet they’re looking for something creepy. Oh! Quantum Leap’s name is Spencer. I bet her dad wanted to name her Tracy, but her mom wanted something more unisex.

So, Alison is dead, but Spencer and Arson Eyebrows (who’s name is Toby), are wondering if she’s alive and waiting to come home. They realize they’re being watched, but whoever it was leaves before they find out who it is.

Emily goes to someone moving into an old house–their old house. A gift basket is given. I think the lady moving into the house is Alison’s mom. Emily helps the mom move Alison’s old things back into the house, which is a really good sign that either the mom hasn’t gone through the grief process for her dead child or Alison is still alive.

Hannah is meeting Mona and they are locking the trailer up. Hannah’s pants are really shiny and really red. Hannah notices Mona locked the trailer up with KEYS! Whoa! Radical! And then says there’s stuff in the trailer that “could bring us down.” I think Hannah is referring to her group of friends, but Mona thinks she means them as a duo. (Off topic, but perhaps on: Is Mona a lesbian? Is she in love with Hannah?)

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