Pretty Little Liars: “A Is For A-L-I-V-E” As Seen By Someone Who’s Never Seen The Show



Hannah worries that her mom is A’s target and some woman named Mrs. D comes over to the girls, asks them to sit with her at the funeral and tells Hannah she’s lucky she’s not fat anymore. We still don’t know who is wearing the black veil.

Arson Eyebrows is following A’s text instructions and he has a flashback to some pretty girl flirting with him in an emotionally exploitive way while his mother (who may either be drunk or has dementia or doesn’t know how to read time) crashes the scene. Arson Eyebrows tells his mom he’s worried she has a problem while the pretty girl watches. The mom’s like, “Whatever. Cool. I don’t have a problem. I’ll get you some Dunkaroos.” The pretty girl makes fun of Arson’s mom and he asks her to leave.

The girls are leaving the funeral and we still don’t know who was wearing the black veil. A discount Adam Scott walks up to them and introduces himself as a cop investigating Wilden’s murder and acts all nice and like he’s going to help them by finding out the truth. As soon as he leaves, the four girls all get texts from A letting them know the truth won’t set them free. Creepy Mona got the same text. The girls also get a video showing that all five of them were at the scene of the crime.

The last scene is the person in the veil putting a creepy doll on a shelf with some other creepy dolls and then removing the veil to reveal a half burned mask.

I don’t know what I just watched, but I think I’m done with dolls for a while. See you next week!


[Photo Credit: ABC Family]

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