True Blood, WTF? The 5 Most Shocking Scenes From Last Night


Well, the sixth season of True Blood premiered last night, and as usual, we were left scratching our heads. Is Billith a monster or a really sweet dad? Are werewolves the worst? What’s up with Andy Bellefluer’s offspring? How come we get to see all these ladies full frontal, but Alcide is so tastefully covered? Here, to recap all of the crazy, pantsless glory of the episode, we present to you the 5 most WTF moments of the night. (And for the stars’ memories of their most WTF scenes, watch the video above!)

True Blood WTF

1. Billith nearly rips out Jessica’s heart, remotely. At the time, we thought it was incredibly cruel of Bill to do this to his only child. But after seeing the whole episode, we suspect it’s just that he doesn’t know his own power yet. ┬áBut yeah, that bulging heart effect was gruesome.

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