This Week On Mad Men: Ken Cosgrove Turns Into A Pirate



This week on Mad Men there was a lot of sexual tension AND regular tension. There were shots fired at man’s eyes and eyes rolled at flirty man. Pete did some digging on Bob, Sally visited boarding school, and Don fell deeper into alcoholism. Creepy Glen the neighbor boy made an appearance and Rosemary’s Baby made it to theaters!!! Will Ted and Peggy’s flirting get in the way of new business?? Is boarding school right for Sally?? And is Bob pulling a fast one on us all, hiding behind his “nice guy” attitude?? Let’s get our miniskirts and thick eye liner on because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll have the devil’s baby for!

Here we go!

10. The flirting starts to heat up with Ted and Peggy and it’s making everyone roll their eyes.


9. Don stays home in his robe from work for ONCE.


8. As tension builds between Betty and Sally, they go to a boarding school interview. They’ll soon discover that they only hate each other because they’re the same.


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