Pretty Little Liars: “Turn Of The Shoe” Or This Show Is About A Parrot, Right?



Hey gang, we’re back! This is my favorite episode of Pretty Little Liars yet (of the two I’ve seen) and I think it’s all because this episode features a parrot and a dojo. Those two things speak to me. Anyway, let’s get down to it.

The girls are noshing at a coffee house named after a Hitchcock film.Where I grew up in Delaware we just had a place called the Brew-ha-ha. Alas for me…

Hannah (or Hanna? Who is she supposed to be? Saoirse Ronan?) is worried about her mom. The girls are arguing over who the lady in the long black veil was. Also, they are still arguing over whether or not Allison is dead or not. You would think a good autopsy would straighten that all out.

Creepy Mona shows up and whines about not being cool enough to join their girl gang. Once more, the girls peer pressure Mona into showing them something mysterious. At one point, Emily is like, “I’m not even sure what we’re supposed to be looking for.” THAT MAKES TWO OF US!!!

Oh, they’re where Mona and Hanna locked that trailer last week. The trailer is gone. Mona looks way uncool to the four cool girls now. No way they’ll ever let her into their girl gang. Mona is upset. She’s being rejected by the cool kids…again! She gets into her car in a huff, but before she can put on her seat belt, the crazy baby mask lady-dude-person who’s hiding their identity starts to strangle Mona with her own seat belt.

Mona hits the Mask of the Doll Death in the head with her trusty Maglight flashlight and manages to escape into the arms of Aria and Emily. Soon Doll Face is trying to hit the three of them with her car. The girls land in a ditch. Emily is wounded.

We finally have come to the show’s opening credits.

Am I wrong, or does a LOT happen really quickly on this show?

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