Pretty Little Liars: “Cat’s Cradle” Or My Dream Date In An Insane Asylum



Hello! We’re back for another week of weirdness on Pretty Little Liars. There’s no parrot this week, which makes me devastated, but there are allusions to Shelley poetry, a dream date to an insane asylum, and a cabin in the woods filled with creepy masks! Allons-y!

The girls are at the coffee shop, but instead of sipping java, they are going through a box of some bird stuff and I already miss the parrot from last week. I LOVE THAT PARROT.

Aria says she’s jealous of her mom’s love life, and I get it, because her mom’s in the process of getting invited to Austria by a hot guy who reads Shelley poetry. Her mom is living all of my adolescent fantasies.

The girls are all nervous because they haven’t seen creepy Mona creeping lately. They’re also nervous because they’re going through Allison’s old notebooks (they were in the bird box) and found a masquerade mask in the same box. Some really thin girl enters the coffee shop and Spencer Tracy makes small talk with her. Thin Girl brags about her professional life and Spencer Tracy is all like, “Are you a murderer?” Thin girl whispers, “Dream of a better life, Spencer Tracy!” Which is good advice from anyone, especially murderers.

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