Pretty Little Liars: “Face Time” Or Only Crazy People Eat Macaroons



I can’t focus on the plot of this show, either. That shirt is so great.

Emily and Spencer Tracy have a stress filled chat and then Emily has a stress filled moment when her mom and dad talk in dark mumbles I can’t decipher and Emily is left all alone.

Emily goes to the doctor and tries to tell him she’s not being abused. She’s just socially awkward. The doctor doesn’t believe her and then the doctor tells her that she needs rest and rehab for her shoulder, and possibly surgery, and possibly amputation and possibly she’ll never swim again.

Hanna has another amazing shirt on, but she’s more concerned with complimenting Dowdy Cop’s shoes. That’s a smooth move, Hanna. That’s what I used to do in retail when I wanted dowdy people to like me. Hanna then tells the dowdy cop that she thinks that Officer Wharton College was probably in the Russian mob. The Dowdy Cop is like, “Yeah, right.” She starts grilling Hanna on how well she knew Officer Wharton College. Discount Jacob Black saves the day! (I think.)

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