Pretty Little Liars: “Face Time” Or Only Crazy People Eat Macaroons




Arson Eyebrows is going on a roadtrip to Saratoga, which leaves Spencer Tracy and Aria to plan shenanigans involving a mask and Melissa and some person named Shauna. Emily tells her lesbian girlfriend that she might become an amputee and her girlfriend gloats about being able to become a faster swimmer. While Aria is on a date with her guy from the dojo, she runs into her ex-boyfriend/current teacher’s kid, which makes Dojo Master curious…

Aria tells Dojo Master about her affair with her teacher and he’s like, “Whoa, girl…you crazy…” Aria tries to prove she’s sane by kissing him and he still thinks she’s crazy. He gives her some really good advice about her emotional state that involves something he learned by being a teacher. Aria is too dumb to understand the Dojo Master’s wisdom, so the Dojo Master walks into the darkness to fight crime or something.

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