Pretty Little Liars: “Face Time” Or Only Crazy People Eat Macaroons



Creeping in Creepy Hector’s Creepy Shack is Creepy.

Melissa leads Aria and Spencer Tracy back to creepy Hector’s creep shack. Melissa leaves the cabin with a sack full of skulls or something, so Spencer Tracy follows her and finds Melissa breaking all the plaster casts of her face and Aria is left to deal with creepy Hector’s creep shack where she finds plaster casts of Allison’s face.

So, Aria confronts Hector. Hector couldn’t bear to destroy Allison’s pretty face. He also flashes back to a time where Allison stormed into his studio and demanded her money. He was very polite in the flashback. I wonder if he was being polite or if he’s polite because it’s his flashback. I’m probably much more polite in my personal recollections of events than I am in real life. He even gives Allison driving directions. She doesn’t even say “Thanks.” She just jumps into a black car being driven by someone else.

It turns out Melissa came to the cabin and made the same trade the girls did. She sold her soul for information, only she knows less than the girls do.

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