Pretty Little Liars: “Face Time” Or Only Crazy People Eat Macaroons



Who swims alone at night in the dark in a town where people get murdered a lot?

Emily’s lesbian lover is swimming in a pool alone at night, which is a sign something terrible is going to happen to her. Someone is in the pool with her (not the swimming pool, the building). It’s not a murderer, though. It’s Emily. She unloads about how she’s worried that she’ll never swim again, but her lover is encouraging and inspiring.

Emily has the best romantic relationship on the show, which should be enough to prove gay marriage should be legal.

When they get to Emily’s house, the cops are there. Apparently, her parents were shouting too loudly and that’s bad because Pennsylvanians like it to be quiet.

Cut to Aria boiling water. Spencer Tracy laments that her sister is gone and admits that she might actually believe her sister’s crazy story. They get a text that Melissa is guilty of a lot, but she isn’t “A” material, so I guess she’s not A? Do I care who A is? I’m supposed to, right?

Before they can call Hanna and Emily, Hanna walks in. You would think with all the murders in this town that people would lock their doors. Anyway, Hanna admits that she thinks her mom killed Wharton College.

The final scene is some wet creep glueing Melissa’s mask back together.

That’s it! I still miss the parrot! For a minute, I thought I heard his beautiful screech in Hector’s cabin! I hope the parrot is behind everything!!!!

[Photo Credit: ABC Family]

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