Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! 15 Movies That Take Place In A Heat Wave


15 Movies With Heatwaves

Here on the East Coast, the Smash Mouth cut “Walking on the Sun” has been our personal anthem for the past week. Yes, it is HOT. Summer in the city (or anywhere) can be pretty grueling, especially when sweaty shirtless guys get shoved up against us on a crowded subway. If you can’t stand the heat, it seems like the best method is to just stay in a dark, air-conditioned room and watch movies!

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Perhaps the most perfect way to flip the bird to ol’ Mother Nature is to stay in a nice cool room and watch movies about the dog days of summer. Whether it’s to signify tension (like in Do the Right Thing, 12 Angry Men or In the Heat of the Night) or just a straight-up natural disaster (Dante’s Peak and Sunshine), a surprising amount of films take place in the midst of an epic heatwave. Check out our 15 hottest (literally) films in the gallery above. Stay cool!

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