Pretty Little Liars: “Gamma Zeta Die!” Or Hanna Is The Dumbest



Bees! Bees! Terrifying bees!

Through an unlikely string of events, the girls realize that my beloved parrot’s phone number is based in Cicero College, one of the colleges conveniently listed in Spencer Tracy’s pimp book.

Aria follows her mom out of the school because she’s worried about her mom’s erratic behavior. I’m frankly more worried about Aria’s skirt made out of ties.


It turns out Aria’s mom is not going to be sucking weinerschnitzel in Vienna after all because Aria’s brother wants to weinerschnitzel block her.

There’s a bee in Aria’s mom’s car, which is weird, so it must either be poor writing or something is being set up. Aria leaves her mom in the car and suddenly the car fills with bees and it’s horrible and terrifying.

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