Pretty Little Liars: “Gamma Zeta Die!” Or Hanna Is The Dumbest



Slut it up. Slut it up. Slut it up.

Spencer Tracy and Emily are going to a sorority party, and Emily is worried she looks too slutty and Spencer Tracy is like, “SLUT IT UP, BITCH! GET DRUNK! SOLVE MYSTERIES!”

Emily has to explain that she’s actually there for a scholarship and Spencer Tracy calls her out on a professional flirt, so Emily calls Spencer Tracy out on being an entitled snob. The most annoying group of girls ever assembled comes out on the porch steps and start singing about God.

Hanna is trying to sneak out of the house with her mom’s gun and gives her mom some lie about going to Cicero College. Her mom is cool with it, but worried, and would be more worried if she knew Hanna put her prints all over a murder weapon.


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