Pretty Little Liars: “Gamma Zeta Die!” Or Hanna Is The Dumbest



Emily is so desperate to get into a good school, she doesn’t mind joining a sorority with a creepy legend or joining a sorority at all.

Emily is talking to a sorority girl about joining the club and it’s all business until she notices a creepy (I think) Maori mask and a paddle carved with names of the damned. Emily gets a tale about an evil ex-sorority head. Meanwhile, Spencer Tracy is grilling everyone on the party about whether or not they’ve seen Allison or not. She shows them a photo and acts like a gruff Law & Order cop.

Ivy League pimp is in his Ivy League casual wear and finds Emily at the party. This does not bode well for his heart…

Hanna finds Spencer Tracy and shows her the gun. Spencer Tracy is like, “WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB?!?!?” Spencer Tracy suggests that they return the gun to Hanna’s dad. She has to find Emily, which sends her upstairs alone. Two drunk girls conveniently shove her into a wall that’s revealed to be a secret door.


Spencer enters a creepy unfinished space and discovers a weird lair that has a pink phone. She calls Aria on the phone and it turns out it’s the parrot’s phone number.

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