Sex, Sharks, And Girls: 10 Emmy-Worthy Performances Too Good To Ignore


Best Use of Icona Pop’s “I Love It”: Girls

Many shows have attempted to infuse their scenes with the Swedish duo‘s infectious break-out hit, but Lena Dunham and Co. still hold the crown. Euphoric, sweaty dancing is still exactly what I want to do when I hear this song–although Hannah’s use of illegal substances is completely justified because it was “for work,” right? (Drugs are bad, kids.) Also, can we find a way to get Andrew Rannells back on this show?

Most Troublesome Workplace For Any HR Employee: TelAmeriCorp (Workaholics)

Adam, Blake, and Ders don’t really care about The Job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t recognize a highly messed up situation when they see one. Their minds are typically altered, but maybe their basic California telemarketing office really is being haunted by the dead? (How else do you explain Montez’s tendency to overshare about his wife’s sexytimes?)

Best Dressed: MacKenzie McHale (The Newsroom)

According to VH1’s Lacey Seidman said, “her pencil skirt and blouse game is TOP NOTCH.”

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