Sex, Sharks, And Girls: 10 Emmy-Worthy Performances Too Good To Ignore


Strangest Weather And/Or Natural Phenomenon: Under The Dome, Sharknado, The Weather Channel’s #TornadoWeek (Three-Way Tie)


That would be two last-minute entries and one confusing publicity stunt. It’s hard enough trying to wrap my brain around what’s to be thought of a giant dome, as well as a homicidal ocean creature flying in the sky, but herding hired help into a room with winds up to 200 mph has go to be the strangest kind of “work experience” one can expect to list on his or her resume. Congrats, TWC! You set a new bar for intern horror stories.

Do you have thoughts on Emmy-worthy television? (Or, do you simply wanna talk about the steamy Nick and Jess smooch or Sharknado some more?) Share ‘em, in the comments section below.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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